Lost Without Him


Release to Receive

Change can be scary because it is an unknown. When change happens the result is a risk that is unknown. The result can either be great or disastrous. 
To get the great results, sometimes we have to take the risk. The decision has to be either to regret not trying or try and succeed. I, personally, don't want to live a life with regret. 
If there is something I need to get rid of or leave to gain something then I am going to take the risk. This includes anything from relationships to shoes. Yes, shoes. If your favorite pair of high heels hurts your back then it might be time for a new pair of shoes. If a friendship hurts your back, then it's probably time for new friends. 
Sometimes we have to give up something to receive something better. 

Worth The Pain

This is a short blog post but I really wanted to share this scripture. It spoke to me in my current situation, therefore I wanted to share with my followers to encourage.
When bills are do, loved ones are sick or passed away, work is a headache, when family members are getting on your nerves, don't give up. Giving up means getting revenge, not believing in breakthrough, turning to addictions like drinking or food. Don't do these  things. Continue to do what is right because in the end God's favor will be in your corner. God's favor is "exceeding what we can think or imagine" according to Ephesians 3:20. 
Enduring suffering is hard but stay focused to the end because it will be worth it.

How Does God Feel About Haters?

We know that God loves the world but He doesn't love everything we do. In comparing our relationship to God to a parent/child releationship, it's like a parent who loves their children but doesn't like everything they do. God is the same way toward us but has even greater love then parents.
One of the things God does not agree with is when people dislike someone for apparantly no reason. This is known as a hater. Unfortunately women are known for hating on each other for no reason. A woman can look at another woman with a condemning expression and then neither one will speak to each other. The woman making the facial expression may not be thinking anything about the woman but having a conversation in her head about something else. However, the woman on the other end of the expression is offended and starts to hate on the woman.
The Bible clearly states ins Proverbs 4:29-32 says:
Do not devise evil against your neighbor,
For he dwells by you for safety’s sake.
30 Do not strive with a man without cause,
If he has done you no harm.
31 Do not envy the oppressor,
And choose none of his ways;
32 For the perverse person is an abomination to the Lord,
But His secret counsel is with the upright.
The Word is stating if no one has given you a reason to hurt them then don't do it. Really, no one on earth has given a reason to hurt them because as a child of God, revenge is the Lord's. That is why verse 31 says do not copy the oppressor either because God is not pleased with them. The New Living Translation breaks these 4 scriptures down even further:
Don’t plot harm against your neighbor,
for those who live nearby trust you.
30 Don’t pick a fight without reason,
when no one has done you harm.

31 Don’t envy violent people
or copy their ways.
32 Such wicked people are detestable to the Lord,
but he offers his friendship to the godly.
Wow! This is the answer for haters. They will have to deal with the Lord. Don't be a hater and if someone hates on you don't hate back. Walk in love toward the haters and let God deal with them because if you treat them back how they are treating you, you will become like them and will have to deal with God for your behavior.
Paying a woman back for hating on me is not worth disappointing God and messing up what He has for me. I know God has my back and He has all of your's too. If something nice doesn't come out of our mouths, just smile and nod. If it's a coworker, just smile and nod. A family member, just smile and nod. Eventually they are going to think she is always smiling and nodding maybe I should just leave her alone. Being an example of God is a witness to them and they will realize that their hating on you has not stopped one blessing from God on your life, so don't let them. Hopefully your behavior of walking in love will lead to them repentance and salvation.