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Lost Without Him

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How To Have A Balanced Life As A Single Mother

Everyone on earth knows how tough it is to be a single mom. The women have to be the head of the house, the home, provide and be there for the children in every way. The single mothers barely have time to care for themselves, or at least the good ones do.
As a single mother it is so easy to get focused on the wrong things, I know because I was not only raised by a single mother but I was also a single mother. A women who works 40 hours a week or more, fights traffic morning and night, rushes home to pick the kids up from childcare, cooks dinner, makes sure the kids do the homework and have everything they need. Let's include the kids who play organized sports, there goes any free time the single mother has. Oh my goodness, it can be over whelming, lonely and down right depressing because the single mother just needs a break.
Does the single mother deservice a break? Does she deserve to think of herself?  Yes, of course she does. Everyone needs a break, an out, something to release from the hustle and bustle of life. However the down fall is not keeping the right priorities. The down fall is when the single mother lets lonliness and the "me" factor settle in their hearts. This is dangerous because it effects the children and soon they start raising themselves.
The single mother has to balance taking care of herself and children. If she neglects one over the other then life can be difficult. An example is a single mother who focuses on finding a man to help her taking care of her children instead of her taking care of them herself and letting the man find her. The result could be getting stuck in a bad relationship out of desperation while the kids behave out of control.
The only way for single mothers to keep a balance is stay in God's presence and listen. Pray without stopping then wait for an answer from God. If He doesn't respond keep praying. Throw on your favorite gospel song. Don't be ashamed to talk to God about anything. When I was single I used to pray all the time about being lonely and dating. He already knows our hearts so why not talk to Him about it? As a result, He directed my paths and now I'm married to my husband for 11 years. He will do the same for you if you are obedient to Him.

Importance of Awareness

Awareness is being to know, stop and prevent things happening. October is an important month for women because it brings awareness in two areas. Breast cancer and domestic violence are two life changing thing that can cause a negative effective on women spiritually, mentally, physically, and unfortunately can lead to death.
It is important to give to organizations that help women deal with these horrible life events. Every time a hard copy of Lost Without Him is sold from this website, $2.00 will be donated to Mercy Ministries. Mercy Ministries is a non-profit Christian organization that takes in women who have been involved in bad life circumstances and counsels them.

How to Relate the Bible to You

Going through twelves years of school and then college may seem like a waste of time. Especially if knowing subjects like Geometry are not going to be relevant to you in the future. Then learning later in life wishing you had paid attention because your trying to measure for something for your house. This is just an example of how things may not seem like they are relevent but later they are.

Another example is in the movie The Karate Kid, "wax on, wax off" and "paint the fence".  The character was ready to learn karate but the teacher had him doing chores around his house. Not realizing the teacher was teaching him, the student got upset, the teacher showed him that the methods he was using were related to the karate.

We should not miss what we need to learn because we do not understand the lesson. The Bible, too many, seems to not be relevant, but it is. There is an answer to everything in your life in the Bible. The Bible is relevant. Let's look at the chart below.

1. Everything in life is going wrong; Book of Job.

2. Trapped in a bad situation like a bad job relationship or living situation;  Daniel in the lions den

3. Bully at school, work or in life; David and Goliath

4. Need a job, spouse, car, advice about relationships. Help with your children; Psalms and Proverbs

5. How to be a good spouse; Ephesians 5   

 If you do not know where to find something that is relevant to your situation in the Bible, use other resources to help you find the right scripture for your situation. Many Bibles have topics in the back that list scripture references. There are websites like, The Bible Gateway, that let you search the Bible.
I could go on and on becaise it is exciting to know that God knew everything that was going to happen to us so He put in the Bible. It is our instruction manual for life.