Yes & Amen

When God gives us a vision, goal and purpose it doesn't always mean it's going to happen immediately. Sometimes that vision may take years to come to past. 

In the Bible, there are many examples of this. The Isrealites took 40 years in the wilderness; Abraham had to wait for Isaac to born; David was a child when appointed to be King but it happen until he was an adult. Even Jesus was the promised Messiah from birth but didn't start walking in it until He became an adult. What do all these have in common? God had to them through a process to prepare them for the promises. If God had given these great men His promises prematurely they probably would have failed and the Bible would read a lot different. 

Be encouraged. Let God finish making you into the person He needs you to be. When He is finished, He will start pouring out the promises He showed you. Remember His promises are "yes and amen". No matter how long it takes, He will not deny you. 

Faith It Till You Make It. And Don't Go Back To It

I was wrestling with writing this but God won! I don't want to discourage anyone from faithing it until they make it because this statement is true. We are to have faith in God, keep pressing in to Him until He answers us.

What happens after we make it? I always use my kids for an example, they teach me a lot about how our relationship with God is supposed to be. I noticed that after Thanksgiving when I start decorating for Christmas my kids' behavior changes a little bit. They start doing more chores around the house without me asking. There are no attitudes, everyone is so happy.
Christmas morning comes and everyone is all excited to open presents. "This is the best Christmas ever!" my kids say. They love all of their presents and play with them all the time. They are still behaving well.

After a couple of weeks into January maybe February we go back to the same, who is going to do the dishes. They start dragging their feet to do chores. It's discouraging and makes us (my husband and I) feel used. We don't take the gifts back but it's a thought. But when they do something to get in trouble they get those things taken a way for a time period.

We shouldn't do God the same way. We pray, believe and change our behavior for God to do a thing and when He comes through, it is not a green light to go back to doing the same things as before. It is the green light for us to be completely thankful to God and follow Him. Then tell others of what God has done.

In Luke 5 Jesus helped Peter, Simon, James, John and other fishermen. They were struggling with their fish, matter of fact they were done for the night. But Jesus came and told them to move then try it one more time. I'm pretty sure they mumbled a little but did it anyway. When they were obedient, they made it! They received so much that the boats started to sink. The men didn't stay there and go back for more. They left everything and followed Jesus.

When Jesus comes to your rescue, honor Him. Don't go back to your sin, addiction or broken heart. God has healed and delivered you, so walk in it. Tell others and live a life that represents God.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is something that many of us avoid. The avoidance happens because we know that after the training, and sometimes during, there is going to be pain. Sometimes we are so focused on the pain that we forget that the result is going to be better than we were before.

Since the only thing we are focused on is the pain, we mumble and grumble through it. Sometimes we don't make it through, but give up then go binge eat. The result of giving up and binge eating is miserable. You fell so heavy and blah.

The result, if resistance training is pushed through, is great. It is painful but it feels like you can conquer the world because of the natural energy level God has blessed us with.

We ALL go through resistance training in life. However, the difference in all of us is the after. Did we make it through? How did we make it through? Did we push through and stay sore? Or did we make it easy on our selves by leaving a step out? Did we give up and go back?
The result I chose is to push through it because I know I'm going to be stronger after.

Some resistance training I went through was being a single mother of two toddlers
without a job for two months. That was one of the most painful times in my life. I didn't give up, I kept tithing on whatever I received from others. I kept praying and reading my Bible. I didn't go rob a store, become a drug dealer or a stripper. I did think about those things though because I was that desperate. However, I held on to God's word. I stayed connected to my church. I sought help and God provided. My children and I did not go without anything for those two months I went without a job. In those two months is when God spoke to me and showed me some awesome things about my future. He showed me how much strength I have and that I really can do all things through Him who gives me strength. He showed me how much He loves me. I delighted in Him and He came through for me. Because I went through resistance training, I became a better woman, a better mother, I became wiser and I found my purpose.

I encourage you, that whatever resistance training your in to stick it out because you will come out stronger. It might be painful now but you will be better after.